Advantic Sistemas y Servicios SL

Advanticsys is a high-tech SME which has an important background in information and communication technologies specialized in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and other remote monitoring systems. Founded in 2009, its main market niches are in the field of energy efficiency, environmental monitoring and industrial processes automation.

Advanticsys focuses on the development of Wireless Sensor Network systems for very different domains. One of the main research interests is the improvement of current solutions both in quality and in cost. Advanticsys aims to integrate commercial water quality sensors and to deploy a large number of low cost measuring devices in a selected area, effectively obtaining a detailed map of the status of the water while at the same time doing it in a cost effective way.

Nowadays, WSN has a huge variety of applications and business markets such as energy, construction, agriculture, environment, and industry processes. Thanks to its solid technological background in WSN, its collaboration network (including Asia and Latin America), and its highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals Advanticsys is capable of offering its clients competitive and effective technological solutions in more than 30 countries. Advanticsys provides a wide variety of products and services: wireless remote monitoring systems applied to different environments, viability studies, professional training and R&D Consultancy.

Advanticsys also participates in R&D projects at National and European level in different areas such as: Internet of things (including cutting-edge technologies such as 6LowPAN, RFID and others), IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless sensor networks and innovative ICT solutions, including structural health monitoring applications. Furthermore, Advanticsys takes part actively in the following Spanish Technology Platforms: NESSI (Networked European Software and Services Initiative), PROMETEO (Embedded Systems Spanish Technology Platform), EMOV (Mobile Communications Spanish Platform) and MANUFUTURE-E (Factory of the Future Spanish Technology Platform).


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