Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment

CSTB is a public research establishment in the construction sector, employing about 830 staff including 450 engineers, researchers and experts in building science and building technologies and advanced ICT. CSTB core business covers four main fields: research, technical consultancy, quality assessment, and knowledge dissemination. Following a multidiscipline approach, it contributes to innovation and problem solving for the industry, and to transfer knowledge and technology to the wider community, in France and beyond. It provides expertise to the industry at large, and disseminates R&D results through various scientific media to practitioners and social and public authorities. CSTB develops consultancy activities in various scientific and technical fields, and contributes to the definition of reference (‘standardised') solutions & services for products, processes and services in the Construction sector.

CSTB is particularly involved in the improvement of water management in buildings since 2009 through its AQUASIM facility, especially designed to make realistic and accelerated simulations of physical and chemical events occurring in the water chain within the building – plot – environment system. This full-scale facility allows an integrated approach: collection and production of different water streams (drinking water, rainwater, greywater, wastewater, groundwater, storm water), their transportation and use as well as their treatment and release to the environment. Many R&D projects are conducted within AQUASIM in order to reduce the human footprint linked to water management. Innovative water technologies are defined and studied in order to design new sustainable buildings and guarantee their long-term performances.

Since 2004, CSTB is in charge of the general secretariat of the European Construction Technology Platform, which currently groups more than 230 Members across Europe (including E2BA Members), including industry and public stakeholders of the construction sector. CSTB is also a member of the European Water Platform (WssTP) which promotes collaboration in order to provide strategic answers for the water research future challenges.


Contact Person: Daniela Belziti
Email: daniela.belziti@cstb.fr
Tel.: +33493956414