Dŵr Cymru Cyfyngedig

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is a ‘not for profit' Water Utility company that recognizes that few things are more important for public health than safe drinking water and reliable sanitation. More than 3 million people across Wales and some adjoining parts of England rely on Welsh Water for this public service.

DCWW employs a very large network of assets to carry out this essential public service. For example, we supply on average 850 million litres of water every day to our customers through a network of over 550 service reservoirs and some 27,000km of water mains. We then collect wastewater and surface water through a network of 19,000km of sewers, which is treated at one of our 833 wastewater treatment works before it is returned to the environment.

Our job at Welsh Water is to look after the water industry in Wales – for both today's customers and future generations. Our main priorities include: keeping leakage under control; ensuring conservation and management of water; protecting the environment; sustainable urban drainage systems - keeping clean surface water out of sewers and holding back storm water in natural ways so that the sewer system can cope without causing flooding or pollution; reducing our carbon footprint by investing in innovative energy generation.


Contact Person: Anna Taliana
Email: anna.taliana@dwrcymru.com
Tel.: +44 7825890297