Water analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management

WISDOM aims at integrating and demonstrating innovative ICT systems and services for efficient water use and reuse in order to improve household, business and societal awareness and induce changes in consumers' behaviour and to enable innovative resource and demand management scheme and adaptive pricing incentives.

WISDOM is a project funded under the EU 7th Framework Program which started in February 2014 and will run for 3 years.

WISDOM Project Results

WISDOM Information System

Innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) platform able to support the optimization of water networks and to enable change in consumer behaviour. More specifically sophisticated ICT system that is able to understand, monitor, and control the water network. To provide a Water Decision Support Environment to enable professionals within the water industry to visualise, manage, and present the results of analytics running on the platform.

Contacts: Keith Ellis (keith.a.ellis@intel.com) and Dr Thomas Beach (BeachTH@cardiff.ac.uk)


WISDOM Optimisation and Prediction Models 

Algorithms for optimisation of the clean water network. This exploitable result has been concerned the development of optimisation algorithms that optimise the clean water network, with a view to reducing network energy costs. This has been performed by trailing existing optimisation algorithms and then selecting and adapting the best performing algorithms for usage in the water network optimisation domain

Data driven algorithms to detect CSO spills. The exploitation item centres on a data driven algorithm that can predict CSO spillage utilising weather data and monitoring of the waste water network. 

Contact: Dr Thomas Beach (BeachTH@cardiff.ac.uk)


WISDOM Ontology


Creation of a socio-technical semantic resource focusing specifically on the water network, its assets, and associated social concepts. Generally speaking, no semantic models are generally used in the industry. This means integration of software systems is generally performed manually or not done at all. This is a key aspect in which semantics can assist in the water sector, by providing a common vocabulary for software tools to utilise. 

Contact: Dr Thomas Beach (BeachTH@cardiff.ac.uk)


WISDOM Platform customer interface

An in-home visualisation platform for water consumption. Providing visualisation of water usage and guidance and encouragement on how water can be saved. This involves (a) social interactions (b) water saving tips (c) water gaming. 

Contact: Dr Thomas Beach (BeachTH@cardiff.ac.uk)


Innovative leakage detection / edge processing in water network

Edge data analytics schemes for leakage detection that incorporates adaptive edge analytics with adaptive communications technologies. This solution combines state-of-the-art sensing technology with self-adaptivity to configure its edge and cloud analytics processing depending on system demands. Moreover, it is able to reconfigure its sensing regime on the detection of anomalies to enable the off-line analytics to be better able to diagnose whether it is a leak or not. This approach was tested at the water users' scale through test ring in the DCWW Pilot. 

Contact: Prof Julie McCann (jamm@imperial.ac.uk)


Water usage disaggregation

Machine learning approaches to water disaggregation in homes addresses the apparent contradiction in trying to offer greater insight while maintaining low cost and intrusiveness. Also aims to operate based on more realistic data supply scenarios that existing literature. i.e. 1 per min 

Contacts: Davide Carboni (davide.carboni@intel.com) and Keith Ellis (keith.a.ellis@intel.com)



The outcomes of the WISDOM project with respect to the CSTBox toolkit is a collection of extension components for implementing the edge gateway deployed in house type 2 (study of water usages in 10 houses) in Cardiff and in a private home in France used for WP3 developments purposes. The original toolkit (see also background section below) itself provides a collection of software programs and libraries which can be assembled to create a domain specific application intended to be embedded in a field appliance or equipment, for providing edge services based on the processing of data collected by a sensors network. Such applications are often oriented to behavior and/or usage capture, elaborated by processing locally the raw data provided by the instrumentation installed in the observed environment, and passing the results to other nodes of the global system, the CSTBox based node being a part of this system. 

Contacts: Eric Pascual (eric.pascual@cstb.fr) and Keith Ellis (keith.a.ellis@intel.com)


AQUASIM / heat recovery

Some methods and materials developed during the WISDOM project allow the validation of the precision of the measurement of different parameters with connected sensors, the determination of various operating conditions to better understand the flow behaviour of water networks (optimal acquisition time, maintenance…). This approach can be dedicated to benchmarking and evaluation of innovative water services. This innovative and original tool can be used to measure the performances of eligible processes and systems in real situations according to the European procedure ETV (Environmental Technology Verification). Thus, AQUASIM is a support for research and demonstration of new products related to water cycle in building. The main exploitable result is the elaboration of a database of realistic hydraulic flow patterns and energy consumption for residential buildings.

Contact: Gaëlle Bulteau (gaelle.bulteau@cstb.fr)


Remote monitoring solution

"Monitoring as a Service" concept. Monitoring kits + monitoring software platform sold as a service including Cloud platform (Concordia custom-development) and Hardware and software adapters (wireless Mbus/Modbus adapter)

Contact: Manuel Ramiro (manuel.ramiro@advanticsys.com)


Customers' behavior change

Based on results from House Type 1 and 2, and the follow up surveys. Partners will be able to gather feedback to provide to consumers on which behaviour changes were most effective. Guidebook (or e-book) could be produced as a result of the feedback collected and circulated to consumers by Local Authority and/or Water Authority

Contacts: Anna Taliana (anna.taliana@dwrcymru.com) and Mathew Preece (Mathew.Preece2@cardiff.gov.uk)


Groundwater protection

Exchange best practice on ground water protection exploiting the knowledge acquired in WISDOM project in order to educate water utilities, communities, and local governments about the benefits of ground water protection. To raise awareness and encourage personal responsibility by providing information to the general public on well water protection. To push national and local authorities to foresee laws and normative able to avoid damage of groundwater and as a consequence to prevent remediation actions.

This guidelines are based on aquifer isochronous maps processing for Fornola and Ressora wells fields that have been drawn from the aquifer model of the lower Magra valley built under the project Acquasense (funding Industry 2015) using the software package Visual Modflow.

Contact: Marco Casarino (marco.casarino@provincia.sp.it)


La Spezia Pilot represents a very peculiar pilot due to the specific needs linked to a particular location that includes the Cinque Terre National Park UNESCO patrimony (where the pilot will be implanted). The latter is often subject to flooding events. The involvement as WISDOM pilot is fully integrated with La Spezia Province sustainability actions, in fact the La Spezia Province has not only developed a European-reference Sustainable Energy Action Plan, but is between a leading partner of Arco Latino Association that is defined as an area including provinces and second-level local administrations from four member states of the European Union: Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. - Read More

It is envisioned that there will be two pilots in Wales one in the Grangetown area of Cardiff and the second will be in Tywyn and Aberdovey in North Wales.

Grangetown is a thriving urban community of almost 20,000 residents, with a population density of almost twice the average of the city. A smaller section of Grangetown is home to a major Welsh Water pilot project named Greener Grangetown which is looking at the retrofit of innovative sustainable urban drainage systems. The City of Cardiff Council is involved both as highway authority and in a community liaison and urban design advisory role.

The Tywyn and Aberdovey water distribution zone is in largely rural area of North West Wales and is a wholly enclosed system from abstraction through water treatment to discharge from the waste water treatment works. Pen-y-Bont water treatment works (WTW) is within this water distribution zone and delivers on average 1ML/D. - Read More

AQUASIM is a full-scale facility dedicated to research on water management within the building-plot-environment system. It was designed to conduct experiments in realistic and controlled conditions. It includes the on-site collection and production of different kinds of water, their transportation and usage as well as their treatment and discharge. The whole water cycle is controlled by pumps and valves. A central unit allows data monitoring and acquisition. AQUASIM is utilised in the project to validate the Wisdom architecture at an intermediate scale before deployment in the two pilot sites, Cardiff (UK) and La Spezia (Italy). - Read More


Final WISDOM newsletter - Welcome to the our final newsletter, the content of this newsletter was focused on our final event, on our main technical results achievements and on our business model. (Download)


19th of January 2017 WISDOM Final Event: The WISDOM partners are glad to present the project final event dedicated to display stands and demonstrations from the WISDOM partners, to showcase the technology developed within WISDOM, to present Technical achievements from WISDOM partners and to show the final results of WISDOM and the impact within our pilots  The Final Event will be held in Cardiff  Thursday 19th of January 2017 from 09.30 am. (Read More)


Seminario 25 Gennaio 2016: Il caso WISDOM e le ricadute sul territorio della Provincia della Spezia - I partner di progetto, D'Appolonia S.p.A., Provincia della Spezia e Società Acquedotti Tirreni S.p.A., hanno promosso un momento di confronto dedicato al tema delle risorse idriche sostenibili che si svolgerà lunedì 25 gennaio a partire dalle ore 09.45.

The project partners, D'Appolonia S.p.A., Provincia della Spezia e Società Acquedotti Tirreni S.p.A., have promoted an event dedicated to the sustainable water resources and the WISDOM case that will be held in La Spezia Monday 25th of January from 09.45 am. (Read More)


Second WISDOM newsletter - Welcome to the second newsletter of WISDOM project, a newsletter for those who are involved in ICT technologies supporting water management and who are especially interested in the optimisation module focuses on real-time monitoring and actuation and leakege detection. Furthermore you can find our experience at the offsite exhibition and networking session entitled "Smart Water for the Smart City and the IoT" in the framework of ICT 2015. (Download)


ICT4Water Event - On 22 of September 2015, the ICT4Water cluster organises the most important event for technology transfer and networking, with regards to the application of new technologies in the water sector. The event will take place from 09.00am to 15.00pm at the Cibernàrium Auditorium of the Media-TIC building  in Barcelona. (Read more)


ICT4Water newsletter #3 May 2015 - The ICT4Water cluster presents the ICT4Water video, updates on pilot activities in Poland and Barcelona, the SmartH20 Innovation Community and a new tool, the Waternomics Water Value Map. ICT4Water hopes you enjoy reading our newsletter and look forward meeting you at the IWRA2015 in Edinburgh or at the IAHR2015 in The Hague. (Read more)

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