To fully address the WISDOM project's needs, this will be firstly validated on a full-scale experimental facility (using AQUASIM facility) supported by modelling at building scale before being implemented in two different pilots able to show the adaptability of the approach. The two pilots in Italy and UK as well as the experimental facility in France are described below.

La Spezia Pilot

La Spezia Pilot represents a very peculiar pilot due to the specific needs linked to a particular location that includes the Cinque Terre National Park UNESCO patrimony (where the pilot will be implanted). The latter is often subject to flooding events. The involvement as WISDOM pilot is fully integrated with La Spezia Province sustainability actions, in fact the La Spezia Province has not only developed a European-reference Sustainable Energy Action Plan, but is between a leading partner of Arco Latino Association that is defined as an area including provinces and second-level local administrations from four member states of the European Union: Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. - Read More

Wales Pilot

It is envisioned that there will be two pilots in Wales one in the Grangetown area of Cardiff and the second will be in Tywyn and Aberdovey in North Wales.

Grangetown is a thriving urban community of almost 20,000 residents, with a population density of almost twice the average of the city. A smaller section of Grangetown is home to a major Welsh Water pilot project named Greener Grangetown which is looking at the retrofit of innovative sustainable urban drainage systems. The City of Cardiff Council is involved both as highway authority and in a community liaison and urban design advisory role.

The Tywyn and Aberdovey water distribution zone is in largely rural area of North West Wales and is a wholly enclosed system from abstraction through water treatment to discharge from the waste water treatment works. Pen-y-Bont water treatment works (WTW) is within this water distribution zone and delivers on average 1ML/D. - Read More

Experimental Facility

AQUASIM is a full-scale facility dedicated to research on water management within the building-plot-environment system. It was designed to conduct experiments in realistic and controlled conditions. It includes the on-site collection and production of different kinds of water, their transportation and usage as well as their treatment and discharge. The whole water cycle is controlled by pumps and valves. A central unit allows data monitoring and acquisition. AQUASIM is utilised in the project to validate the Wisdom architecture at an intermediate scale before deployment in the two pilot sites, Cardiff (UK) and La Spezia (Italy). - Read More