Public Results

WP1 User Needs, Use Cases, and Business Scenarios

  • D1.1 Stakeholder Oriented Socio-technical and Business Requirement Capture (download)
  • D1.2 Domestic, Corporate and City water systems and components integration strategy (download)
  • D1.3 Software Requirement Specification (download)

WP2 Reliable (near) Real-time Analytics Architecture

  • D2.1 Wisdom software and hardware detailed system design (download)
  • D2.2 Wisdom Water Semantic models
  • D2.3 Data acquisition, Fusion and Analytics

WP4 Stakeholder Centred Real-Life Demonstration and Testing

  • D4.1 Shared district water stakeholders' vision document (download)
  • D4.2 Pilot Sensing Infrastructure enhancements delivery (download)

WP5 Validation, Replication, and Business models

  • D5.1 Validation Setup of the Pilot Demonstrators in Italy and UK (download)
  • D5.2 Base Technology Validation
  • D5.3 Pilot Demonstrators and WISDOM System Validation version 1
  • D5.4 Large Scale Replication Plan for Public Release
  • D5.5 Project impact on standardisation and liaison activities

WP6 Communication, Promotion and knowledge transfer

  • D6.3 Special Interest Group (download)
  • D6.4 Final Dissemination Event and Training Group