Società Acquedotti Tirreni S. p. A.

SAT is a company established in 1912 in La Spezia (Italy) that operates in projecting, constructing and managing acqueducts.

Nowadays SAT manages four well fields and a 23 km pipeline to abstract and distribute potable water to about 50.000 people (1/4 of La Spezia province total population).

SAT intend to use Wisdom project to reduce power consumption producing our services and to protect groundwater.

SAT is one of the oldest Italian companies that operates in the water sector: design, construction and operation of aqueducts and services related to water service. Their activities take place mainly in the Liguria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna regions.

SAT is a leading company in the field of integrated water service. The experience built in more than one hundred years of history and the ability to renew itself to evolve, makes SAT a reality of great interest.

SAT has its own technical and administrative structure able to provide a quality service in the field of research, collection and distribution of drinking water, management of sewage and wastewater treatment, design and construction of plants to renewable energy and manufacturing of industrial and construction work of residential housing. SAT offers a wide range of water services, providing assistance and support to diverse public administrations, companies and individuals.


Contact Person: Ettore Antonelli
Tel.: +39 0187734140