Second SIG Workshop

Dates: 25th November 2015
Location: Imperial College, Huxley building,
rooms 217/218 – 180 Queens Gate,
London SW7 2AZ

Workshop's presentations 

Workshop's minutes 


Agenda (download)

09.00 Coffe & Welcome
09.25 Introduction and round table of all the participants
Lydia TRZCINSKI (CSTB), representing the Project Coordinator
09.30 Technical summary of WISDOM achievements and plans for future work
Tom BEACH(CU), Technical coordinator
10.00 Questions from SIG members
10.15 (T5.1) Evaluation of experimentations in WISDOM pilot sites:
Discuss pilot sites and associated key performance indicators (KPIs). Comment target, baseline and tolerances.
Chairmen: Anna TALIANA (DCWW) & Mathew PREECE (CCC)
11.00 Pause
11.30 (T3.2) WISDOM sensor data fusion, reliability and trust framework:
Determine the level of trust of the SIG members in the WISDOM systems, in particular if data is less than 100% trustworthy. Discuss reliability of a self-managing system, and requirements for 'person in the loop'. Comment the levels of accuracy perceived by SIG members in current systems, and discuss the cost and profitability of improvement.
Chairmen: Julie MCCANN (ICL) & Fernando NARDI (IDRAN)
12.15 Questions and debate
12.30 Lunch
13.45 (T2.2) WISDOM modelling of the Water Value Chain:
Determine whether the current WISDOM model agrees with the partners' understandings of the domain and specifically data meaning, representation and exchange in the domain. Ascertain completeness, accuracy, intuitiveness and usefulness of this model.
Chairmen: Tom BEACH (CU), Shaun HOWELL (CU) & Ettore ANTONELLI (SAT)
15.00 Questions and debate
15.15 Pause
15.30 (T2.5) WISDOM interface and visualisation environment:
To give an overview of the approach to visualisations within the project and to sanity-check envisaged exemplars.
Chairmen: Keith ELLIS (INTEL) & Alberto Musetti (DAPP)
16.15 Questions and debate
16.30 Meeting closes


SIG Participants